Miller County Sheriff's Office

Sheriff Wayne Easley

Greetings from Sheriff Wayne Easley, 

Miller County has been my home for my entire life. It has been my mission to serve Miller County and its citizens. My deputies and I could not do this without your support and help. My goals are keeping Miller County safe by removing drug dealers from our county, protecting schools within our jurisdiction, providing a safe environment for our citizens, and reducing the amount of crime within the county. Our agency strives to provide the citizens of Miller County with the highest level of professionalism.  

Our Patrol Division is tasked with keeping the roads, residents, and businesses safe. The Deputies continue learning, training, and growing their skills. This includes but is not limited to active shooter training, SRT training, range qualifications, online courses, and in-person training. These skills prepare them to be able to respond to different situations that could potentially occur. 

Our Criminal Investigation Division works relentlessly to ensure all cases are investigated and handled efficiently to bring criminals to justice. The investigators work tirelessly to handle each case with the utmost efficiency and care possible. They work hand in hand with Narcotics and our SRT Team to execute search warrants and locate those who have committed crimes within our county. 

Our Detention Center is top-notch and is ran by an efficient and hard-working staff. We are in the process of adding an expansion to the facility, but unsure of when the start date and completion date will be.  

In closing, my pledge to the citizens of Miller County will be to continue to be accessible and accountable, ensure the Deputies are improving their skills and training, investigations are handled correctly, and the detention center is held to a higher standard. All of this is to provide the citizens with professional, honest, and caring interactions when it involves Miller County Sheriff’s Office and Miller County Detention Center. 

Remember, if you see something, say something. 

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